The International Conference on Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems 19-20 June 2015

The Advocate's Gateway in conjunction with The Law Society and Kingston University presents an international conference aiming to facilitate the exchange of perspectives, ideas and strategies between countries, regions and sectors, and will focus on the following themes:

  • Defining Vulnerability Case Management
  • Principles for Planning and Questioning Vulnerable Adults and Children
  • Using Technology to Create a Fairer Justice System

Key speakers:

  • Professor David Ormerod
  • Professor Penny Smith
  • Trevor Riley (Chief Justice of the Suprme Court of NT Australia)
  • Sir James Munby
  • Felicity Gerry QC
  • Sir Nicholas Green (Chairman of the ATC)

Who should attend:

  • Academics, legal practitioners and advocates, judiciary policy makers, police, activists, clinicians, social workder, intermediaries and charity workers.

To book a place visit The Advocate's Gateway