SAHCA Conference – 5th October 2019

Fairness and Equality for All

“Advocates must have an understanding and awareness of equality and diversity issues,
must act as role models for others in handling issues of diversity and difference, and
confront discrimination and prejudice when observed in others.” – Part 6 – Equality and
Diversity Pervasive Standards. This standard makes our profession unique among all

Imagine a world where advocates and all lawyers, when seeing someone being treated less
favourably for an unjustified reason, were empowered to confront the discrimination or
prejudice. We are not there yet, but we will continue to strive, and as solicitor advocates lead
the way in ensuring that all advocates are treated the same.

The Future of Advocacy is here. Are you ready?

The theme of this year’s conference is going to be the way in which we confront issues
where fairness and equality for all is not being delivered. Our keynote speaker will be the Rt
Hon Lord Carnwath of Notting Hill a Judge of the Supreme Court.

We will focus on ensuring that all advocates are able from day one to access the same
opportunities, and can continue to do so throughout their career. Those that choose to
should have the same chance as any other advocate to have a chance to join the ranks of
the senior judiciary.

The day will be introduced by the Rt Hon Lord Justice Hickinbottom, the most senior solicitor
Judge. After the keynote speech, we will have training from Andrew McLoughin.

There will then be a presentation on pro bono work and developments in this field, followed
by a session led by psychologist Dr Pezzolesi on the topic of Mindfulness in a frantic world
we work in.

The AGM will follow. Thereafter there will be breakout sessions either with the SRA or with a
group discussing judicial appointments. As per last year we will move to discussions with
committee members on crime, or civil / family matters before coming back together for our
student competition and closing remarks.

Continuing Competence – Attend this conference and declare with confidence that as a
solicitor advocate you have received training to maintain and enhance your advocacy skills.
Although you are no longer required to complete a prescribed number of CPD hours each
year you are required to reflect on your practice and identify training needs to ensure your
continuing competency.

What we have set out above are just some of the highlights of the conference programme.
5th October 2019 10am – 4.30pm.

Victoria, London

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