Obtaining Higher Rights of Audience

The SRA Higher Rights of Audience 2011 came into force on 6 October 2011 replacing the Solicitors’ Higher Rights of Audience Regulations 2010 which came into effect on 1 April 2010. Those in turn replaced the Higher Courts Qualification Regulations 2000.  Under the new regulations there is only one route to obtaining qualification for higher […] Read More

The Advocate’s Gateway Second International Conference 2-3 June 2017 Access to Justice for Vulnerable People

The Advocate’s Gateway Second International Conference on Access to Justice for Vulnerable People will take place in London at the Law Society on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June 2017. Presentations and workshop sessions include: Young defendants, suspects and witnesses Developments in criminal justice proceedings Legal rights and responsibilities There is an array of high […] Read More

Peer Review Recruitment Campaign announced

The Legal Aid Agency has announed a Peer Reviewer Recruitment campaign across all Civil and Crime Categories as there is an expected significant increase in Peer Reviews from 1st April 2017. background-information-2015-003 and peer-reviewer-applicant-personal-specification-2015-003 To apply for the position of an Independent Peer Reviewer please complete the peerreviewerapplicationform-2015-002 (along with signing and returning the non-disclosure-agreement-2015, equal-opportunities-form-2015, […] Read More

Ethical Capacities – a report on the challenges of ethical dilemmas faced by junior advocates

A report by the Inns of Court College of Advocacy (formerly the Advocacy Training Council (ATC)) which examines the challenges facing junior advocates confronted with difficult ethical dilemmas, has been welcomed by the Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates (SAHCA). The ATC commissioned the report following concerns expressed in the Legal Education and Training Review […] Read More

Sentencing Council announce proposals for new guidelines for offences involving possession of knives

The Sentencing Council has announced its proposals for new guidelines covering a number of offences involving knives and other weapons. The proposals cover the sentencing of offenders convicted of the possession of a bladed article or offensive weapon in public, and of using one to threaten someone. They do not cover offences where a knife […] Read More

Annual Conference: Achieving Excellence in Advocacy

October 14, 2017 – October 14, 2017 241 Borough High Street Map and Directions | Register Description:Promoting excellence in advocacy is one of SAHCA’s aims enshrined in the constitution. SAHCA’s 2017 annual conference will provide master classes in different aspects of advocacy relevant to all advocates no matter which court is being addressed.   The […] Read More

Reducing Rejects for Criminal Applications for Legal Aid – Guidance

Online applications for representation orders in criminal matters became mandatory from 4 July 2016. The LAA has issued guidance to reduce the number of applications rejected. eformsReducing Rejects for Criminal Applications […] Read More

Public Appointment : Solicitor member of the Criminal Procedure Rule Committee

Following the retirement of Michael Caplan QC there is a vacancy for a solicitor member of the Criminal Procedure Rule Committee, now advertised at: https://publicappointments.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/appointment/one-solicitor-criminal-procedure-rule-committee/. The appointment is made by the Lord Chancellor after consulting the Lord Chief Justice. The closing date for applications is 30th September, 2016. I should be very grateful if those to whom I […] Read More

‘Ethics and Advocacy in the 21st century’ Lord Neuberger lecture

Lord Neuberger delivered the SAHCA Lord Slynn Memorial Lecture to a packed Court 4 at the RCJ on 15 June 2016. His speech examined the sometimes conflicting duties owed by professional lawyers to their clients and those he referred to as ‘ethical duties’. ‘they (professional lawyers) have clients, to whom they have a duty, and […] Read More

All may not be gloomy in crime

All may not be gloomy in crime Nick Ross, criminal practitioner and SAHCA committee member writes: The announcement in late January of the reversal of the proposed two-tier Duty Solicitor contracting process combined with the suspension of the further cut to criminal legal aid fees of 8.75% is clearly of great importance. This month the […] Read More

Safeguarding Access to Justice: The future of Legal Aid

A public policy exchange symposium Wednesday 2nd March 2016, 10:15am – 4:30pm in central London. Against a backdrop of the Justice Select Committee report published in March 2015 which concluded that while the Government had achieved its aim of substantially reducing the civil legal aid budget, it had failed to target legal aid to those […] Read More