QC Applications 2019

QC Appointments have today launched the 2019 round of QC applications and at SAHCA we are particularly looking to encourage as many solicitor applicants as possible. We have been working closely with the QCA over a number of years in an attempt to address the obstacles to solicitor applicants and while there is still work to be done in addressing this we have been assured that suitably competent solicitors will be assessed on a level playing field with their colleagues at the Bar.

If you are a solicitor advocate who is considering making an application this year, please do get in touch, SAHCA will be happy to provide practical guidance and assistance with the process. Equally, if you are a SAHCA member who might want to apply but has been deterred by some aspect of the requirements or procedure, please let us know that as well – we will then take that up with the QCA in our feedback on the 2019 appointments round.

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