QASA consultation following the judgment of the Supreme Court

The Joint Advocacy group comprised of the three regulators, SRA, BSB and Cilex Regulation, has issued a further consultation following the ruling by the Supreme Court that the scheme was lawful. The consultation is on a number of minor recommendations  to improve the operation and understanding of the Scheme which were made during the judicial review. The consultation can be found here.

The consultation was issued on 1 October 2015, the same day that the Ministry of Justice issued its own consultation on Enhancing the Quality of Criminal Advocacy. The JAG consultation summary states, 'JAG is aware of the Ministry of Justice consultation paper on a package of proposals to maintain standards of criminal advocacy. Maintaining standards is a core regulatory responsibility and JAG welcomes the focus that the Ministry of Justice is giving to this issue. It is clearly critical that JAG ensures that QASA is ready to be implemented in order to complement any panel scheme that the Legal Aid Agency or other agencies such as the Crown Prosecution Service may need to operate from the perspective of purchasers of legal services. This consultation is a key part to getting QASA ready for immediate implementation.'

This is a 12 week consultation, and will close on 24 December 2015. SAHCA will respond to the consulatations and members are invited to contact the committee with any views they wish to share or shape the response.