Public Appointment : Solicitor member of the Criminal Procedure Rule Committee

Following the retirement of Michael Caplan QC there is a vacancy for a solicitor member of the Criminal Procedure Rule Committee, now advertised at: The appointment is made by the Lord Chancellor after consulting the Lord Chief Justice. The closing date for applications is 30th September, 2016.

I should be very grateful if those to whom I have sent this message, listed beneath, would draw others’ attention to the vacancy and encourage colleagues to apply whom you think meet the appointment criteria. Please feel free to forward this email to others if you wish. If applicable, please do consider applying yourself.

As the advertisement says, the Ministry of Justice actively encourages diversity of membership, and so does the Lord Chief Justice and the Committee: in all the respects listed in the advertisement and in geographical area of practice. I realise that travel is an inhibition and, until reimbursed, an expense (though we can buy members’ train tickets in advance, subject to some restrictions). However, the Committee needs and would welcome more voices from beyond London and the south east.

This vacancy was first advertised earlier this year but in the event no appointment was made. I hope very much that this time the selection exercise will succeed. Paul Harris, the remaining solicitor member, is a tremendous asset to the Committee, and a formidable advocate for solicitors’ interests, but the Courts Act 2003 requires the appointment of two solicitors and we are anxious that the Committee should re-attain its full complement as soon as possible.

Thank you to you all for anything that you can do to promote this recruitment.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Solly | Criminal Procedure Rule Committee secretariat | Ministry of Justice | 102 Petty France | London | SW1H 9AJ |