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The Association's membership runs from the 1st May through to the 30th April which means there are 4 days left for the current period.

Because we're now well in to the current subscription year we will charge you for the balance of this year plus next year's subscription fee in a single transaction.

You will be charged a subscription fee of £20.22 and your membership will be set to expire on 30/04/2019 (so in 369 days).  The regular subscription fee of £20.00 will be scheduled to be charged annually on the 1st May thereafter.

You can use the form below to update your billing information with PayPal, for instance if your credit card is expiring, or because you have moved your bank account.

Note: this will not modify your existing subscription in any way, so if you have previously paid your subscription by cash / cheque or standing order you should use the Upgrade Account page.

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