Meet your Committee – Will Richmond-Coggan

Name: Will Richmond-Coggan

Firm: Freeths

Area of Practice: Data Protection/Corporate Reputation

Year Obtained Higher Rights: 2004

SAHCA Member since: 2004

What made you become a SAHCA Committee Member?

At SAHCA’s 2007 conference after the new committee had been announced, we were told that if anyone was interested in supporting their work we should speak to the then administrator, Hilary, afterwards. I went and found her and the next thing I knew I had been co-opted onto the committee as one of only very view civil practitioner committee members in those days. I’ve never looked back!

What aspect of advocacy do you find most rewarding?

As solicitor advocates, one of the great things that we get to do is to be involved in a case from cradle to grave. There is something immensely satisfying about bringing a case to trial that I have worked on from the very first meeting with the client and seeing it go as well as (if not better than) expected.

What do you consider the biggest challenge facing Solicitor Advocates in 2019?

With continuing budgetary pressures in connection with legal aid in crime and family, and a growing fixed-fee regime on the civil side, I think that the biggest challenge is going to be competition for work, and in particular making a case for the benefits of solicitor advocacy while simultaneously resisting the inroads that direct access barristers are making into this territory.