Law Society Crime Practitioner Group

We are seeking a criminal practitioner who would like to join the Law Society’s ‘Crime Practitioners Group’ as a representative of SAHCA. The group meets on a monthly basis and consists of one or two reps from each of the main crime solicitor rep groups.

LS Crime Practitioner Group – Terms of Reference

1. To discuss developments in the commissioning and delivery of criminal legal aid, fee
rates and the structures of fee schemes, and changes to criminal legal aid contracts.
2. To identify areas of agreement and of disagreement among the organisations
represented, and to explore, subject to necessary governance clearance, possibilities
for joint or common approaches.
3. To discuss issues arising from the operation of the criminal justice system generally
that have an impact on crime practitioners, and, subject to necessary governance
clearance, to try to develop joint solutions to these issues.
4. To share ideas for alternative approaches for the delivery of criminal legal aid
5. The Group is not a decision-making body and cannot bind any of the organisations.
6. Unless otherwise specified, meetings are held on a confidential basis

If you are interested, please email Emma Richmond-Coggan (SAHCA Administrator) on

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