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SAHCA is the only solicitor association which represents higher court advocates. We strive to represent solicitors advocates’ views and deliver relevant training. Many family solicitors undertake their own advocacy, and because of the audience rights we have in the family courts, some may have chosen not to apply for Higher Audience Rights Civil.  However, SAHCA values our family members and you do not have to hold Higher Audience Rights to join. We continue to strive to represent family solicitors with the issues we face in our practice area. Members receive regular newsletters with relevant content and articles. These can include articles about family law matters, and family law case law reviews (see links below).  SAHCA is an invaluable resource for keeping up to date with advocacy related issues. We lobby on your behalf about issues which are relevant to you and provide discounted advocacy training, including in children and family law.

It is an exciting times in children and family law. Our President, Sir Andrew McFarlane, detailed in his View from the President’s Chambers: May 2019, ( ) that he is driving a campaign to improve family practitioners’ well-being. This has been advanced by His Honour Judge Tolson QC in his draft guidance “Well-being in the Central Family Court”. All of this is positive news for family practitioners who for years have burned the midnight oil preparing for cases and being bombarded by emails at anti-social hours.  The initiative aims to stamp out this constant pressure for family solicitors.  Also, the court reform program is now well underway and  is due to be completed in 2020. This is a £1 billion scheme to achieve, amongst other things, paperless courts with paperless bundles. Again another improvement which should streamline and enhance our working practices. These are the types of issues which we advance on behalf our members.  You can find regular updates on our initiatives on this page.

Legal Updates and Relevant Cases

The President of the Family Division has issued guidance on reporting in the family court


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