Covid 19 Statement

The unprecedented events that are currently unfolding have seen a dramatic rise in issues effecting our members. Even as this statement goes out there will no doubt be further updated from the LCJ office.

We urge you to follow that advice and ensure before any hearings you have checked the most recent update. The bottom line is that you are not required to put yourself at risk, whilst justice is essential, and in some cases must go ahead in some form or another, your health and that of your family is clearly more important. It is for you to assist the Court and particular the Judge in what is best for all the parties and the advocates in the matter.

The informal feedback provided by the Judiciary, has been their exceptional gratefulness that advocates are doing their bit, and assisting where they can. These are unprecedented times, and we urge all members to do their best to ensure justice continues to be administered, but with the overarching objective of ensuring the safety of themselves and others.

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