Meet Your Committee

Raman Thandi – SAHCA Treasurer

Firm:  DFA Law LLP

Area of PracticeCommercial Litigation, Property Litigation & Real Estate Litigation

Year Obtained Higher Rights: 2017

SAHCA Member since: 2017

What made you become a SAHCA Committee Member?

I am very much of the view that if start something, you must always do it to the best of your ability and maximise the prospects of others in your position. With this in mind, I wanted to assist SAHCA in making a change, and maintaining the excellent standards of solicitor advocates. I also wanted to help raise awareness of the benefits of SAHCA and the career progression involved with obtaining higher rights.

What aspect of advocacy do you find most rewarding?

Closing speeches. Whilst persuasion starts with what is on paper, it finishes with closing speeches. It is ultimately an advocate’s final opportunity at persuasion and the best way to sum up the merits of your client’s case. In other words, the content and angle of a closing speech could change the mind-set of a Judge. 

What do you consider the biggest challenge facing solicitor advocates in 2019?

Career progression. Solicitor advocates do not receive enough credit for their contribution to the profession. This in my view affects the ambitions and aspirations of our advocates.