Chair’s Latest Statement

Chair’s July Statement

We have now received a response to our complaint to the EHRC, which has upheld in part our complaint about the process for recruiting to their panel. As a result I have had a meeting with them on the 10 July 2019, to discuss the issue of failure to recruit fairly from the pool of advocates.

We have also had a response from the Attorney General personally in respect to the failure to recruit to their panel. In response the “Baby Barrister Scheme” has been renamed the “junior junior” scheme and opened to solicitor advocates. However on the website this still refers to barristers only. We continue to engage to get this changed.

I’m keen that anyone that has an interest in panel work for the government contacts me about their experiences. I’m keen to promote access to the Home Office panel and other panels were solicitor advocates are able to operate.

have been continued to engage with the EHRC, sadly it appears that the panel was announced without any solicitor advocates having been able to apply for the panel. We are extremely disappointed in this, and have made a formal complaint and representations on this to the EHRC, both on twitter and formally. Once the outcome is provided we will publish this on our website.

The Lord Slynn lecture was an amazing success and well received. A large number of very senior judges attended, including a few I had been unsuccessful in the Court of Appeal the month before hand.

We continue to deliver on our objective to provide relevant up to date training both paid for, and for free. The next training will be on case analysis for crime on the 18 July 2019, please come along – 

We have been approached by De Montfort University Leicester to assist in the delivery of a training towards a postgraduate Certificate, Diploma, and a Masters in advocacy. We are mapping some of the training delivered by SAHCA over to the course as well as securing preferential rates. The course will be part time. This is a very exciting project, and hope that we will be able to deliver this to our members in order to obtain some other formally recognised qualifications to enhance their abilities to apply for more senior roles.